So, where to start…

I created this blog as I have a camera gallery full of picture of dishes I’ve knocked together and no outlet to record various attempts (and often) failures whilst trying to create something tasty.

After signing up to WordPress whilst lying in bed on a lazy Saturday, I needed to get the ball rolling and had to figure out what I was actually gonna post in here, or allow it to be another none-starting pipe dream like the time I planned to build a canoe in my parents back garden, which is another story.

But last night, getting home late from work and after speaking to my girlfriend on the phone for some culinary inspiration I decide to cook something I haven’t done before… beans on toast.  I know you are already impressed with my daring and groundbreaking recipe choice, but nothing wrong with a classic!  Obviously I have done (can+saucepan+toast=nom) so I did try to jazz it up a bit, reinvent it, if you will.  I called this version “Drunken spanish beans on toast” and it wasn’t bad, check it out here….


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