Drunken Spanish beans on toast

Drunken Spanish beans on toast

Quite simply this is cider cooked chorizo with butter beans in a tomato sauce. Everyone loved sausage and beans as a kid and every ‘grown up’ loves cider and chorizo!

I simmered chunks of chorizo in half a bottle of cider, I can’t stress enough how important it is to have some cider left over to quench thy thirst! Add a can of butter beans and a healthy dose of fresh chilli and tobasco to give it a cheeky kick, then allow the cider to cook down. Add garlic and tomato puree once reduced to give you that deep, rich tomato flavour.

You can probably use any proper cider (no strongbow does not count). I went for a delightful Thatchers 2011 vintage – mainly because of the manly 7.4% and that there was plenty spare for the chef (find it here)

Right at the end, add some spinach and a massive bunch of coriander to give it some green colour and extra flavour. I also chucked in some aspargus tips to class it up, and because they were in the fridge. Half and toast a ciabatta and assuming the tomato sauce has thickened, pour a decent portion over the bread and enjoy!


Pretty simple, I stole the butter bean idea from a great side dish in Jamie’s Great Britain book here and the cider cooked chorizo from an awesome meal I had at the lovely tapas bar, Sant yago in Southsea… they do good rum cocktails too!


One thought on “Drunken Spanish beans on toast

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