For the easter weekend… the surfers’ pie

Easter is nearly upon us and I can’t think of a better way to spend the long weekend then attempting to catch some waves in the south of Wales.  That was until I checked the surf report… 0.5ft is hardly extreme sports territory! But all is not lost thanks to the pastry flag bearers at Pieminister. Posting on their mouth-watering blog, they offer up the “Surfers’ pie” a Thai green chicken curry beaut and a perfect treat for sitting on the shore line, toes in the sand after a good session in the surf.

Not sure I’ll have time to bake a batch before the weekend, but this will definitely be gracing the shelves of my oven very soon. I’m also thinking how I can convert this to a veggie version, maybe changing out the chicken for chickpeas and obviously omit the fish sauce, I’ve tweeted the experts to see what they say.  I will let you know how I get on.


Having sampled Pieministers product at music festivals in the past I can whole heartedly recommend their stunning pies.  With the government deciding to clamp down on pasties for some reason or another and because their pies rock I think I might just ask for their recipe book for Christmas!*

*I don’t work for pieminister or anything, I just have a thing for pies, ask anyone in my office.


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