Surfers’ pie: The veggie version

The good folks at Pieminister (@Pieminister) have come back to me with a suggestion on veggie version of their Thai chicken pie, dubbed the “Surfers’ Pie”. I had debated a chickpea alternative but do like the thought of a Thai infused aubergine pie… I’ve used aubergine before as a chicken substitute and it works pretty well. I did debate loading one pie with the broccoli, water chestnuts and the aubergine but I don’t think that’s what they meant and does sound a bit fully loaded! My girlfriend Ju is a veggie, but is also a lover of a good pie so this version and the chickeny goodness one will be in my baking sights very soon.

I can just see it now: the pies cooling gently on a surfboard , fresh out of the oven of a VW camper, on the shore line of a sunny afternoon (I only need a surfboard, VW camper and some better British weather).

@Pieminister tweet

The veggie surfers' pie


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