Laverbread and mushroom pesto – eating in the Gower

We packed our car and headed off for a weekend of surf in the Gower. Sadly the surf was nonexistent but all was forgiven thanks to the south coast of Wales being blooming gorgeous and it did give us a chance to try some good south Wales grub!

The stereotype that the Welsh are a friendly, welcoming people was proved accurate when talking to a guy in the pub. We said we might check out a restaurant down the road to which he literally punched the air, “Yeah! I work there”. Unfortunately we never made it to his eatery as we had one too many pints and rose tequila (not sure why) and ended up getting a bag of chips instead. Oddly the guy in the chip shop asked us “how many chips do you want”… I wasn’t really sure how to respond to that. The booze motivated dinner did however give Ju the chance to try a “cheesy”… a ball of chesse and potato in breadcrumbs, like an oversized, cheese laced potato crochet. Not sure if it’s a welsh delicasy but Ju seemed to like it and did sound good when said with a rolling welsh accent.

We did get to sample some more ‘credible’ grub including an introduction to laverbread. Not being something I’ve heard of and kinda looking like a large black pudding, I did wonder why it was being offered as part of a veggie breakfast. If, like me, you are not familiar, laverbread is infact a combination of seaweed, leeks, cheese and wholegrain mustard. It was lovely, and served with a fried egg on top looked quite at home on the breakfast plate. I have previously scratched my head with what to add to a veggie cooked breakfast except MORE grilled tomato and laverbread might be a contender. This particular burger shaped treat, proclaimed our charming and clearly proud landlady, came from Greta, a welsh veggie ambassador from near Swansea (Site here).

The other culinary highlight of our weekend wandering around the coves and bays of Wales has to be dinner at the Kitchen table, a tiny but cosy cafe looking out on Mumbles bay (check them out here). In a previously life it was a pottery shop, the remains of its produce still on sale on the kitchen shelves along with local art and other nic-naks.  The food was gorgeous, unpretentious and all local sourced, right down to the Swansea brewed Tomos Watkin cider.  We got stuck into a beetroot and goats cheese salad and an awesome garlic mushroom and pesto bruschette for starts, which were both seriously good and is prompting me to actually get the food processor out of the box to make my own pesto.  Main course was a “heavenly halloumi” burger for Ju and a chicken and brown rice stir fry for me.  The stir fry rocked, a generous portion of fresh coriander, fresh roasted veg, perfectly cooked rice plus the chicken was torn, I love torn meats, so simple but a really effective way to jazz up the old bird.

There were maybe a few glasses of wine which accounts for there only being one, grainy photo of the food so you’ll have to go yourself and check them out.

At some point I will actually blog about food I actually cook myself, but until then I did want to share some of the food I’ve been tucking into.  Ohh, the weekend also lead to the purchase of my first surfboard “Charlie Mullet” wooo! So as previously promised, in the not so distant future there will be a batch of Surfers’ pies cooling atop Mr Mullet (that sounds a bit weird).

The stunning chicken and brown rice stir fry


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