So pilchards it’s a bank holiday

Yep it’s a typical rainy bank holiday, you’re probably feeling a bit tender after some excess over the weekend and not relishing the prospect of heading back to the day job tomorrow. But hey look at it this way, you still have today, there is still time to gorge yourself, still time to get some sleep in or for the really brave even some time for a lazy afternoon pint! For me tho, after a weekend of particular excess I need something yummy and sort of healthy. Pilchards on toast was a go to snack when I was a kid and I bloomin love them and It’s so simple, I made mine in the time I took to write this brief post. I’m assuming that because its fish its healthy, better than another kebab anyway.

Sooo eask bank holiday pilchards on toast

Half a ciabatta, drizzle with olive oil and stick under the grill to toast. Get a can of pilchards in tomato sauce, or fresh if you are a smarty pants and empty the contents into a bowl. You’ll need to half the fish, removing the central bone, it’s a bit mucky but takes 5 seconds… who’s afraid of getting their hands a bit dirty anyway. Remove the ciabatta and cover with all the fish, get all the sauce on there as well. Give it a good grind of rock salt and pepper and maybe a dose of Tabasco if you are feeling cheeky (I was!).

That’s it, done. When I tucked into mine I actually made a kind of roaring noise, which is normally a sign of good grub.

Get your snack on and enjoy the rest of your bank holiday.


Pilchards in toast - a classic


3 thoughts on “So pilchards it’s a bank holiday

  1. You cannot beat pilchards on toast absolute classic that everyone should try and yours looks even better than usual with the use of ciabatta bread mark looks lovely

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