Recovery position asparagus and chorizo tagliatelle

As my previous post suggested it has been a loooong couple of weeks with two German themed stag parties. So in an attempt to repent after the german currywurst and multiple steins I need to to get back to some healthy food. I couldn’t quite give up sausage totally just yet so from Germany to Italy. Pasta seemed a credible idea, chorizo rocks and asparagus is in season, a triple win. It is also national asparagus month, with the UK crop apparently now avaliable so expect more recipes to come… 

Really simple asparagus and chorizo tagliatelle

  • Bunch of asparagus – trimmed
  • Handful of pancetta or chorizo (I used both)
  • Portion of fresh tagliatelle
  • Bunch of chopped parsley
  • Free range eggs

Heat some oil in a pan and boil some water. Chop the meat into lardons and cook for a minuite-ish. Add the chopped asparagus and roll around, get them coated in the oil from the chorizo. Place the pasta in the water and cook to taste. I don’t really know how long it takes, 5 minutes maybe, I just pluck a bit and taste.

Once the pasta is cooked, drain well, return to the pan and add the cooked meat and asparagus to the pasta. Mix well, coating the pasta and return to a low heat. Break and beat some eggs (one per person should be fine) and pour onto the pasta. Keep the pasta moving, allowing the egg to coat. Keep on the heat just long enough for the egg to cook, adding parsley and seasoning with salt and pepper right at the end. I drizzled with a bit if oil to serve and that’s it!

I did also make a side of reduced tomatoes, not sure why, other than they taste good. The main dish doesn’t really need it, but none the less… I chopped a big handful of cherry toms, added to some fried garlic and let reduce down for a couple of minutes. I then added a dash of white wine vinegar, tabasco and some spare parsley for kicks.

This is what it’s about… simple, quick and (probably) healthy food. I love Italian food for that and I made enough for lunch tomorrow as well, get in!

Simple asparagus and chorizo pasta

Simple asparagus and chorizo pasta = nom


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