Don’t cook the spoon: A force for good

I’m quite chuffed to announce that this little blog of mine now has the accolade of dragging someone from the darkside of eating habits into the warming light of redemption. Ok so that might be a tad over the top, what I mean to say is that a friend who I work with was asking last night what she should have for dinner. For context, she works all the hours god sends and so normally functions on a diet that consists of ‘meals’ that include “A couple of spoons full of Nutella” and hitting an all time low the night before last with “a hot cross bun and some cheese”… WTF!

So I had to intervene but having left my hero costume at home I instead opted to point her in the direction of Don’t cook the spoon and specifically the uber simple to make asparagus and chorizo pasta.  I’m pleased to report back that she went for it and tweeted me the results. I didn’t really start jotting stuff down on here with the intention of being the next Times food critic so was quite pleased that someone had actually read and then decided to have a crack at one of my dishes. 

Comically, Sarah did tweet me again about an hour later to report that all had gone well and that the pasta was lovely however had discovered that she had forgotten to turn off her gas cooker and had left it on for 4 hours!!  Thankfully, I can report that there was no house fire and I can hardly judge, falling off my healthy food kick I had a Subway in bed for dinner last night… it wasn’t even cooked as the oven had been turned off.

Getting back on it tonight, I’m thinking a prawn and pak choi stir fry…watch this space.

The "Sarah Cobb" pasta version

The “Sarah Cobb” pasta version


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