Light dusting of crack sir?

In the same vain way that people Google themselves and are amazed when their Facebook profile picture is listed, I was interested to see whether my blog had made it into the ranks of Google.  Well I’m pleased to report that I do appear in the listings for “Don’t cook the spoon” however was pipped to position 1.  That spot is owned by a helpful website that covers the best ways to prepare and enjoy some lovely recreational hard drugs… something for everyone then!

So if you did end up here, hoping to find some pointers on how best to prep some rocks (is that the right lingo?) then I’m afraid I might not be able to help.  But rather than let you leave empty-handed here are a couple of serving suggestions for some tasty and hedonistic culinary treats:

  • Fillet steak with crack-ed black pepper:  A meaty classic with a surprising after taste 
  • MDMArtic role: The perfect way to finish a meal, followed by several hours talking to a pink elephant wearing a fez
  • Hash browns: A crucial part of any breakfast… if you are Howard marks
  • Cheese board with crack-ers: A classy finale to any banquet, best enjoyed with a glass of port and trance music
  • Chicken dope-piaza: The continental choice that rather than filling you up actually leaves you craving KFC

I should point out that I in no way condone drug taking, drugs are bad kids. I have been told that taking drugs can have terrible side effects including paranoia, gurning and in severe cases a misguided belief that you look good when dancing to acid house.

Don't cook the spoon - something for everyone

Don’t cook the spoon – something for everyone


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