Anyone still out there?

Right so, it’s been a while and although aware I’m very likely just talking to myself, I thought I should at least acknowledge the absence.

I came across my own blog whilst googling breakfast ideas and got a warm nostalgic glow, remembering that I did quite enjoy writing this. So nearly 2 years later, I’d like to get back on the horse. Quite a bit has changed, I’ve moved back home to the south coast and being busier than ever (plus watching a fair bit of Netflix) I’ve often opted for a takeaway rather than try cooking something worth blogging about. Here’s hoping the combo of hurtling towards my 30th year on this planet and the incentive of yapping on about it will be enough motivation to get back into a bit of culinary exploration.

So watch this space, hopefully I’ll have some festive foodie attempts to update on shortly. But in the mean time, here’s a recent attempt of a gingerbread house I did for a work competition. I should say I did forget about it until the Sunday night before, although that may be self evident. I was criticised for using Jamaica cake rather than actual gingerbread, but the local coop has limited supplies (I was secretly a bit pleased with the root ginger fire, with realistic flames). Needless to say mine fell into the ‘token effort’ category and didn’t win


Not the fanciest or cutting edge, just good tasting food – Don’t cook the spoon


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