Hello, welcome along.

This is my corner of the interwebs for all things food. I’m not a chef, consider myself a great cook or any kind of gastro-authority… I just love food. Cooking it, eating it and sharing it with friends.  I tend to cruise the web, including the BBC food site (which is pretty awesome… go there) looking for inspiration, and if that fails, I do the typical bloke thing of wondering aimlessly around the supermarket with a butternut squash and pot of double cream, trying to figure out what to cook.  

Like everyone I’m busy and  a sucker for a takeaway, but try to find time to try new stuff in the kitchen. I’m at my happiest frantically rushing round the kitchen knocking something up for my patient partner and friends (like the time I cooked a bolognese with liver… Maybe a story for another time).

I’m lucky to have a broad pallet and open mind when it comes to food and will try anything once, taking any opportunity to order the thing on the menu I’ve never heard of. That said I’m not a big fan of cheese and subscribe to the philosophy of: “don’t put anything in your mouth that smells bad”… which I think is a pretty good life mantra as well!  

My girlfriend, as well as being pretty awesome (1 bf point there) is a veggie, which also gives me the opportunity to explore dishes I would have otherwise turned my meat eating nose up at.

“Don’t cook the spoon” was advice from my F and N teacher at school, scolding us to take the wooden spoon out of the pan. For some reason the advice stuck, but sadly several spoons still couldn’t be saved.  I can’t remember the first thing I cooked, but I’m sure I burnt it. I do however remember the toy set my Mum lovingly made me as a child.  It consisted of real McDonalds packaging and foam burgers and chips, since then I was destined to explore the very heights of culinary delights.

So that is pretty much it, hope you enjoy reading my half baked and hastily typed thoughts.


Not the fanciest or cutting edge, just good tasting food – Don’t cook the spoon

Dippy eggs

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